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Bath Renovation St Cloud MN Every person has at one time or another stood in a room within their home and mulled over just how much they loathed the space and couldn’t stand the site of it any longer.

These situations have prompted swinging hammers and inflated home remodeling budgets in the Saint Cloud area for years as homeowners bring on general contractors to pursue the ever-elusive “perfect home”.

Perfect homes exist, but rest assured that you don’t have to contact a general contractor in St Cloud to bulldoze your home in order to find it.  Save that perfection for an episode of Extreme Home Makeover.  We’ve got some better design ideas that can help you lift the veil and find beauty in your current space without any drastic hammer swinging.

These new designs might not have you welling up in tears of joy as you move from room to room but when it comes to easy bathroom remodeling these are ideal tips for customizing the bathroom just for you. You’re thinking “The bathroom?  Really?  But my kitchen…”

We know.  The bathroom appears to be primarily a utilitarian space, but there’s no reason it should lack amenities that generate comfort and belly-fuzzies.

Bath Renovation: 5 Remodeling Favorites

Consider 5 of our favorite quick fixes that a St Cloud general contractor can do in any bathroom remodel:

Bathroom Renovation Fav #1 – The Defogging Mirror

If only food and fuel were as endless as the fog on your mirror when you try to wipe it off our world would be a better place.  That fog can really drag down and put a hold on your post-shower routine.  If you opt for a simple defogging mirror to replace your own, you can benefit from the perfect clarity post-steamy shower.  It’s a simple swap out and your general contractor can ensure that the mirror is hung perfectly (and of course securely for safety reasons) during the course of your bathroom remodel.

Fav #2 – Fiery Toilet Seat Warmer

When you’re remodeling the bathroom of your St Cloud home, the atmosphere can often be a big focus in design and decor but you want it to be inviting in all aspects.  Since winter can be a harsh lady around Minnesota (especially here in St Cloud) this kind of add-on is simply irresistible.

No specifics details are necessary.  You know what it does, and how great it would feel.  All you need to do is bring the book.

Fav #3 – In-Floor Radiant Heat

Bathroom Remodeling IdeasIt’s hard enough to crawl out of bed knowing you have to leave the pocket of heat beneath your blankets but when you walk into a common bathroom suffering from a complete lack of attention or remodeling then you know you’re gonna set your toes to cold floor.  Slippers help a little, but you have to take em off at some point – you can’t wear them in the shower.

Radiant heat can solve the issue of cold toes and despite the preconceived notion that radiant floor heat is expensive it is a very simple job that your St Cloud general contractor can tackle.  If your flooring is a target for your bathroom remodeling anyway, then there’s no reason to skip this step while putting the new floor in.  You’ll be thankful you did when you never have to step on cold tile every again.

Combined with a heated toilet seat the only thing that’s going to get cold is your coffee while you sit in the comfort of your privies.

Fav #4 – Wired for Sound

Music can set the mood, and when you really need that quiet time in a dimly lit bathroom while soaking in the tub, a little mood music can make everything alright.  Of course that means lugging a stereo into the bathroom or using a poor-quality portable stereo/cd-player.  A better and appropriately affordable option is to wire your bathroom for sound.  You can mount a fixed unit and work with a general contractor to install surround speakers in your bathroom.  If your bathroom is more about ambiance than utility (and it’s a frequent escape for you) this is a worthy choice for bathroom remodeling and an investment that will continue to pay you back.

Fav #5 – Recessed Shelving

Before you opt to buy the cheapest shower enclosure for your bathroom remodel, talk to your St Cloud general contractor about building out a custom enclosure.  Commercial enclosures from stores like Home Deport are convenient, but they break down over time and can be difficult to keep clean.  Likewise, they come with limited storage space; those shelves and ledges are never big enough and they are rarely manufactured with a family in mind.

Wife?  Daughter(s)?  You’re looking at a dozen different bottles of shampoo.  It’s like a chemist lab – that’s why recessed shelving is such a great option.  A general contractor can design a custom enclosure for your shower and bath area that has any number of shelves and designs to suit your family; even if the number of shoes in the home is outnumbered only by the varieties of conditioner.

With winter coming, those outdoor projects are going to have to take a backseat to one of the most under-appreciated spaces in your home.  When you come home from work during a bone-chilling snow storm, that hot bath or shower will become more alluring.  If you’re going to spend time there, you might as well enjoy the space.  Contact a St Cloud general contractor and discover just how easy it is to make that space your own with a simple bathroom remodel.


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