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Saint Cloud Home Construction – Is It Time To Stop Building Homes?

St Cloud MN Home ConstructionIf anyone had missed the glaring signs and the rumbling of the approach – the recession arrived some time ago and it’s been hanging over the heads of people creating a dark cloud of indecision in many regards.  Homeowners that want to upgrade to a new house, often desiring something bigger and grander, are holding back because of financial concerns and it may be a good decision.

Sometimes it’s best to hire a general contractor in St Cloud to handle renovations and home improvement as opposed to forking over a lot of money in order to get that big dream home.

Of course the word in new home construction is “green”, but energy consumption in a home matter more than how green it is, especially when you start talking about efficiency in new home construction.  It’s not just about efficiency though, that green mentality also covers indoor air quality and other factors that have to do with green, organic living.

Hire a contractor and build a new home, make it as energy efficient as you like – new replacement windows that a firm and tight, improved efficient insulation within the walls, green appliances in the kitchen, etc – but if you’re still building a big home then you’re going to consume more energy.  In a sense, a big home isn’t necessarily “green” in terms of cost-savings.

If you’re really interested in something new, then you may want to consider the benefit of working with a general contractor to get some home improvement projects done.  One of the best ways that you can build green is not to build at all but instead to renovate or remodel your existing space.  Kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, building or adding a new home addition, finishing your basement.  These are all great ideas that can help “green up” your living space while doing something new that inspires more comfort – as well as providing a creative outlet.

It’s always rewards to work with a St Cloud general contractor that will listen to your creative ideas and turn your designs into something that you’ll grow to love far more than having a new stick house build from scratch.

There are a lot of people that believe the U.S. has too many houses, and it’s not necessary to add more.  That’s always a matter of opinion, and some people just prefer to have a new house built but if you’re open to it, there’s a lot of benefit to be had from the renovation of an existing home to modernize it, make it green and make it yours.


Craig at Schoenberg Construction is one of the best General Contractors in St Cloud. Craig always gives honest, fair bids with no lowball, fake pricing, plus there’s no sales pressure, EVER.  He never uses cheap materials and never engages in sloppy workmanship, and his company is known as one of the top home renovation companies in the Saint Cloud Minnesota area because he INSISTS on doing every job EXACTLY right.

Give him a call today at 320-252-0911 for your no-obligation consultation.

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