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Nine Questions You Need to Ask Your General Contractor

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All too often, the homeowner will enter into the process of a home remodel or renovation without fully understanding what to expect from their general contractor. Several important pieces of information are necessary for you to obtain before you decide who to hire.

These nine questions can do a lot to put your mind at ease and set up a bond of trust between you and your St. Cloud general contractor. There is no set order of importance; this is just to cover the bases.

Nine Key Questions for Your Central MN General Contractor

#1 What is your estimated schedule?

This is certainly one of the big ones. Bear in mind that whatever figure they give you, it is only an estimate, and sometimes the unforeseeable happens.  It is not unreasonable for you to ask for a timeline, however, and expect them to largely stick to it.

#2 What insurance do you carry?

The answer should be at the very least public liability and property damage insurance. Always check with the issuing agency to verify that the policy is current and will be effective throughout the estimated schedule.

#3 How many workers in your crew?

A lone general contractor can take forever to finish a job, so you want to have a crew of at least a few guys for any whole room project. You must also insist that licensed plumbers and electricians are used for those areas, and ask if they are employees of the general contractor, or if they are subcontracted. Subcontracted individuals tend to have a little more likelihood of walking off the job.

#4 Are You personally going to be on site every day? If not, who will be in charge?

The homeowner may assume that the general contractor will personally oversee the work, but often there is more than one project going on, so there is a supervisor left in charge.

#5 — Who is responsible for obtaining the permits?

Always get the proper permits for the work being done. If a contractor is shy of permits, then you are probably dealing with a shady character.

#6 May I have the contact information for 3-5 past clients?

You will feel a lot better once you have seen what kind of work the general contractor has done, and speak to people who have worked with them successfully.

#7 Is there anything that the price quote you give me does not cover?

More than one unscrupulous contractor has attempted to low ball an estimate to get the job, and then tacks on “extra expenses” later. That isn’t to say that unexpected things might become necessary, but there is a reasonable limit.

#8 Which professional organizations do you belong to?

This provides an extra layer of accountability. This is a short, non-inclusive list of organizations that the general contractor should or might be a member of:

#9 — What is the best way to stay in contact with you?

The number one source of renovation frustration is a communication breakdown. You must establish what the best form of contact is before even hiring a contractor. The usual methods are text message, email, or phone calls.

Armed with the answers to these questions, it will be simply a matter of time before you are enjoying your new renovated space. All it takes is a little planning on your part to make sure that you and your St. Cloud general contractor are on the same page.


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