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Green Roof in Minnesota? Yes Indeed!

Green Roof MinnesotaGreen Roof: The Advantages of Going Green— 

With all the hype about using green materials in construction, having a green roof is now considered a viable alternative, or addition, to your typical roof structures.

Green roofing on a building or home basically means utilizing the otherwise vacant space on a rooftop and transforming it into a place that has various types of vegetation. This type of roofing has been used in Europe for quite some time, but it is only beginning to increase in popularity in the US because of the awareness being promoted through green building initiatives.

Did you know that the Target Center has a green roof? Yes it does, and The Target Center’s 2.5 acre roof is now the largest green roof in the State of MN, the fifth largest in the entire country and tenth largest in the world. See it here: Green Roof at Target Center in Minneapolis.

Green Roof Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to having a green roof for your property, chief of which is the reduction of air pollution and smog levels. Vegetation absorbs carbon dioxide and transforms it into nutrients for the plants’ growth. Aerosol and nitrates are also absorbed and stored in the soil to facilitate the plants’ development. With decreased levels of contaminants the air becomes cleaner and safer to breathe, especially for people who are suffering from respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.

Aside from this, a green roof also lessens the need to spend money on sophisticated drainage systems because soil and vegetation found on the roof can absorb a large amount of rainwater during heavy downpours and storms. By absorbing much of the water, the amount of runoff going through the drainage system is dramatically reduced, which in turn also reduces the amount of money you have to spend purchasing, repairing, or replacing your drainage system.

A structure with green roofing also offers advantages to the property owner. Taking the unused, ugly rooftop space and transforming it into a garden can increase the actual value of the property you own. Some office buildings that have roofs with lush vegetation often use these as employee areas where everyone can relax and enjoy the scenery during their lunch and coffee breaks.

Green Roofs and the Need for Going Green

The need for environmental preservation has grown over the years as have the advancements in green building technology. Because of this, interest in the various ways to protect Earth’s non-renewable resources is no longer considered an alternative way of living. Rather, green building options — including green roofs — have crossed over to main-stream culture.

Most people agree that there must be a plan of action that integrates and balances green building with the practical needs of everyday living. Being a property owner, you can do your part by having a green roof installed and maintained on your building or home. If that doesn’t suit your taste, then simply take some time to consider the benefits of other green building options.

Want to learn more about green roofs? You can do so from the Minnesota Green Roof Council.

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