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Four Ways to Alleviate Stress During a Major Remodeling Project—

Major Remodeling Project Central MNWorking on a major remodel for your St. Cloud, MN home should be an exciting time for your family—after all, when the work is completed, your home will finally look and function more like the space of your dreams!  However, having contractors underfoot for weeks or months at a time while you attempt to go about your daily business as normal can be stressful for any family.  To avoid stress and make your project run more smoothly, follow these four key strategies.

1. Make Alternative Plans in Advance

For many people, losing some of their home’s existing functionality is the most stressful part of a remodeling project.  During the construction phase of your remodel, you may have limited access to particular areas in your home such as the kitchen, bathroom, or living area.  Though you might think you can do without these spaces for a short time, it’s important to make alternative plans well in advance of construction.  If you’re having a kitchen remodel and won’t have access to your stove, prepare and freeze extra meals that can easily be reheated or budget a little extra money for takeout.  Of course, you can also talk with your contractor and ask if an interim kitchen area can be set up elsewhere in the house so that you can still cook basic meals!

2. Communicate with Your Contractor

Open lines of communication are essential to any successful remodeling project, and knowing that you can talk to and trust your contractor will dramatically reduce your stress levels.  You should always work with a contractor that puts your needs first and makes you feel comfortable during the planning stages.  Once construction begins, ask your contractor to stay in close touch with you about project timelines, work progress, and any issues that may arise.  When you’re up to date on what’s happening in your home, you’ll feel much more comfortable and at ease with the project.

3. Accept Help from Friends and Family

From final decisions on tiles and paint swatches to balancing your construction budget and schedule, you’re going to have a lot on your mind during a home remodeling project.  Let friends and family members who offer to help out do so.  Though it might seem like a lot to ask, sometimes a simple home-cooked meal that someone else prepared or a friend who can give your kids a ride to soccer practice can make all the difference in your stress levels.  Don’t be afraid to ask for or accept help from the people who love you most—after all, wouldn’t you do the same for them?

4. Keep the End Game in Mind

Finally, when you’re feeling stressed out by the construction going on in your home or by the costs going into your project, try to keep the end game in mind.  While a major remodel in your St. Cloud home can seem like a complicated and trying process, the final results will absolutely be worth the time and money you’ve invested.  Any time you find yourself feeling concerned and uneasy about your remodel, try to picture the final image that your contractor is working to deliver.  In just a few short weeks or months, you’ll finally be able to enjoy the finished home you’ve been dreaming about for so long.


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