Home Improvement, St Cloud MN: Maintenance, Repairs and Service— Schoenberg Construction’s TAP Home Maintenance Service Program is No Longer Offered.

Home Maintenance Saint Cloud MN

Trusted Advisor Program (TAP)

Helping You Manage Your Home Maintenance, Repair and Improvement Needs

Portfolio managers help you maintain and grow your investments. Your dentist and doctor help you maintain your teeth and body. In that same way I want to help you maintain your home, an asset very much worth maintaining and growing! You agree, right? That’s the purpose of our Trusted Advisor Program

This service was created with the intention of helping Central Minnesota homeowners just like you manage the care of their homes in an organized, convenient and cost-effective way.

Just imagine how wonderful it will be to have a trusted advisor assisting you with the recurring maintenance, repairs and improvements around your home. In short, we offer you unmatched services and tools that make the annual management of your home easy, manageable and cost-effective.

How the Trusted Advisor Program Benefits You!

  • Coordination– Assist you in staying on top of the required annual maintenance of your home and eliminate your concerns about it.
  • Convenience–Ensure home maintenance is affordable, convenient, and done right!
  • Reliability–Eliminate concerns about scheduling and about the quality and reliability of workers.
  • Helpful Advice–Provide you with a trusted and reliable advisor to assist you with your home management, from annual home maintenance to home improvement investment choices.

Home Maintenance & Repairs Service Request Forms:

  • General Service Request
  • 1st Quarter Maintenance Request
  • 2nd Quarter Maintenance Request
  • 3rd Quarter Maintenance Request
  • 4th Quarter Maintenance Request
  • Service Provider Recommendation

Home Maintenance & Repairs Service Request Forms:

  •  Do It Now Request Form
  • Request for Estimate Form

Downloadable Documents: