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Basement Remodels Offer More Room for Family Time—

Does your family need more space to relax and spend time together?  A remodeled basement offers a world of possibilities!  Read on to get our top eight ideas for the best ways to utilize your new family-friendly space.

8 Great Ways to Use Your Newly Remodeled Basement

1. Go Camping

You don’t have to escape to the great outdoors to enjoy a family night of camping—instead, you can bring the tent and the s’mores right to your own basement.  Get blankets, pillows, and sheets to build a fort in your newly finished space and camp out on a Friday night.  Don’t forget the flashlights, sleeping bags, and scary stories!

2. Have a Movie Night

We love movie marathons, and they’re even more fun when you can have your own viewing party in a finished basement with a home entertainment space!  Make popcorn, curl up on theater-style seating, and let each person pick a movie.  You can put all the names in a hat to figure out who gets their choice, or marathon them all weekend long so that everyone gets a turn.

3. Stage a Show

Many finished basements have some open floor space, and there’s no better way to utilize it than by staging a family talent show.  Encourage your kids to put together their own songs, dances, or magic tricks and then sit back and take turns playing performers and audience members.

4. Get Fit

A healthy family is a happy family, and we love the idea of using your finished basement area as a home gym for family exercise time.  Get a few simple-to-use machines like a treadmill and elliptical, some small weights, and yoga mats.  Be sure to take some time to stretch before getting started!

5. Build a Gaming Center

Foosball tables, ping-pong tables, air hockey tables, and pool tables—there are plenty of options to choose from if you’re considering turning your finished basement into a gaming center.  Add a large table and chairs with room to spread out and play cards or board games and a television with a Wii or Xbox system for the whole family to enjoy.

6. Hide Away in a Home Library

There’s nothing better than curling up on a lazy Saturday with a favorite book—and it’s even more fun when you can spend the day reading with your family.  Set up a small home library with bookcases, beanbag chairs, soft lamps, and a comfortable area rug.

7. Break Out the Arts and Crafts

Get creative in your brand new space!  Your finished basement is the perfect spot to indulge in arts and crafts.  Whether you have a large floor space or some big tables, there’s plenty of room to spread out your projects and supplies so that everyone can work together.

8. Dance the Night Away

This last option might just be one of our favorites—use your finished basement to host a family dance party!  Clear out any furniture that’s in the middle of the room, turn up the music, and host a raucous dance-off.  Compete with parents versus kids or boys versus girls, or just spend the night dancing together to all your favorite songs.

No matter how you choose to use your newly remodeled space, we know you’ll love all the opportunities that a finished basement offers for family togetherness.  Contact the expert basement remodelers at Schoenberg Construction to learn more about how we can revitalize your family’s space.


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