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Bath Remodeling Contractors St Cloud MN

Traditional Contractors Vs. One-Day Contractors: The Pros and Cons— 

Excited by the promise of finished remodeling projects in the space of a single day, many consumers are turning to one-day contractors.

These quick remodeling services are certainly appealing—but do they deliver the same level of quality that traditional contractors provide?  Read on to examine the pros and cons of both traditional general contractors and 1-day bath services.

Bath Remodeling with Traditional General Contractors: Pros and Cons 


Better Service:

Traditional contractors compete on service and quality of work, and you can expect to get more personalized attention from a professional contractor.  One-day companies don’t have the time to get to know your needs, but a general contractor will work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction.

High-Quality Work:

Professional contractors have extensive experience and are well qualified for their jobs.  You’ll receive a higher quality of work and your home will look better for it when you hire a traditional contractor.

Affordable Prices:

General contractors understand your budgetary needs and will work with you to find remodeling solutions that fit your financial situation.  Remodeling projects can be very affordable, especially when you consider the work as an investment in the value of your home.

Increased Home Value:

Work done on your home improves its overall value.  Whether you’re trying to improve your current quality of life or looking to spruce up your property before a sale, a traditional contractor will give your home the attention it deserves.


Takes Longer to Complete Work:

Working with a professional contractor requires a greater investment of time on your part, because your contractor will work with you to make sure the project is done right.  You’ll have to live with the remodeling scene for several days until your project is completed, but you can enjoy the benefits of the project for years to come.

Bath Remodeling with One-Day Contractors: Pros and Cons


Quick Service: 

There’s no doubt about it—one-day contractors offer the quickest service around.  They’ll be in and out of your home within one to two days, causing minimal disruption to your normal daily routine.

Limited Selection Simplifies Decision-Making: 

One-day contractors typically offer fewer products and materials to choose from.  A limited selection allows you to make a choice easily and get your project started right away.



Unfortunately, quick service comes at a premium cost.  A one-day remodel can cost nearly twice what a traditional contractor would charge for a project of the same size.

Less Work:  

The service is fast, but you’ll get less work for the same amount of money.  Traditional contractors can often complete work on more than twice the amount of square footage for the same cost.

Low-End Materials:  

One-day contractors have a limited number of products, and many of their materials are of a lower quality grade than those used by traditional contractors.  The materials might look nice at first, but they won’t hold up to the test of time.

Poor Work Quality:  

It’s tough to complete a high-quality project in a single day—and that’s why many professional contractors take several days to finish remodeling projects.  Poor work quality can lower the value of your home and cost you more in repairs down the line.

It’s always a good idea to get quotes from a few companies before starting a remodeling project, but keep in mind that the cheapest contractor isn’t always the best.  Your final decision should be based on a clear understanding of what you’ll receive from the contractor—including the size of the project, the types of materials, the quality of work, and the level of service.

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