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Build to CodeBuild to Code: Why This Simple Phrase Doesn’t Cover Everything You Need

Have you ever seen a construction company’s website proclaim “We Build to Code”?

It sounds like a promising message.  After all, every homeowner wants to ensure that his or her property will adhere to all local laws and statutes.  However, this phrase doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it does—and understanding what it truly means could save you a lot of hassle and headaches along the way.

First things first—building to code in and of itself is absolutely a good thing.  Every city has established building codes in place that are intended to protect your property and to keep your home safe.  Professional contractors should always ensure that your finished project adheres to these building codes so that your family will be kept safe and so that you won’t be in danger of incurring any fines or requirements to rebuild. 

However, a contractor who promises to “build to code” may not actually be delivering all that you need.  You see, building codes are not necessarily written with what homeowners actually want in mind.  They are typically the minimum requirements that all buildings must meet, and those requirements may include much less space or fewer features than what the average homeowner would want and expect to receive. 

The bottom line?  Building code requirements are not always all that usable, and a homeowner who requests an estimate on a “built to code” project may end up shocked by how little they are getting for their money.

For example, the “Build to Code” electrical cost of a recent home we built came in at $12,500.  However, once we factored in the costs of building to code along with the costs of building based on what the homeowners actually wanted, the “True Cost” came in at $21,000.  The homeowner’s specifications were very typical and not extravagant in the least—but the price difference was huge. 

Had this homeowner requested a quote for a “built to code” project from another construction company, the final work they would have received would have been much less substantial than what they wanted and needed.  Fortunately, we were able to explain the cost differences to them and ensure that they received a finished home that met their standards.

Here at Schoenberg Construction, we do everything we can to avoid misleading our customers.  Our company is founded on the principles of honesty and hard work, and we believe it is our duty and great privilege to explain each project in clear terms and truthful language that customers who don’t have experience in the construction industry can understand.  Though some companies count on their customers not really understanding that a “Build to Code” project won’t include everything they want, we believe it’s important to help our customers see the differences between their desires and the minimum building code requirements.

If you’re interested in learning more about the building code requirements in St. Cloud, MN and how they align with the specifications you’re envisioning for your home construction project, contact Craig Schoenberg today at 320-252-0911 or send him an email.  Craig is always happy to take the time to explain these requirements and project details to his customers, and he will make sure that your project is completed to your full satisfaction.

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