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 Home Improvement Maintenance TipsWhether you’ve just recently purchased your home in St Cloud or you’ve been a long time resident of your current abode, you’ve probably got a laundry list of renovations and remodel ideas tumbling around in your head.

Many of us find that even before the boxes are unpacked, we’ve got ideas and changes in mind that we would like done to our new home.  Finding those home improvement projects is never difficult, but finding the time to tackle them can be a bit of a strain.  You can keep the renovations from getting out of hand by taming your projects with a St. Cloud general contractor.

Using a General Contracting Service for
Home Improvement Renovations

The Upside of Home Improvement

The benefit of a general contractor is that the scope of the project is never an issue.  Even if you’ve got a number of smaller projects to tackle, it’s best turn them over to skilled hands.  The longer you wait and stew over your ideas, the more they build up on you.  Next thing you know you’ve got a dozen or more “to do’s” and you can’t even remember why you wanted to do half of them in the first place.

We all know that a house just doesn’t feel like a home until you’ve managed to get the place customized a little.  A general contractor can help you put some personal touches on your new house – or existing house – to help you make it really feel like your home.

Isn’t it time to Finish the Basement and finally get that “Man Cave” You Always Wanted?

Maybe someday you’ll get that basement finished, but perhaps there’s other more pressing issues.  For many homeowners, it’s common to want to tackle the biggest, ugliest problems first.  The ones that stick out like a sore thumb to us.

Thankfully, most homes were built with solid construction in mind and they just need a little “lipstick and rouge.”  Some new paint, replacement carpet, hardwood floors, or perhaps some tile work in the bathroom or new hardware. Touching up smaller jobs with a St Cloud general contractor can work wonders on a home.  If you’ve got a limited budget, you can even tackle a few of the projects on your own (like the hardware) while leaving some of the more detailed project to a general contractor (such as the hardwood floor installation or tile work).

Back to that basement again…  If you want to breath some new life into your home this is a great renovation option that adds value to your home.  By renovating and finishing your basement you can create a recreational area for the entire family, a craft and hobby area, a room for exercise, a home entertainment space with a small theater, or even a small apartment so you have somewhere nice for guests to stay.

A More Drastic Approach

Do you like the idea of knocking down walls?  So do we.  If you’re keen on a more drastic approach and you want some big change then you can dramatically improve your floor plan, square footage and overall living space by working with a general contractor in St Cloud to build an addition.

Not sure what to do with an addition?  That’s OK. Truly, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and how much you’re willing to spend. A qualified contractor will help you figure out the details.

An addition is a great way to get that office space or sitting room you’ve always wanted, or a room to house your crafts and collectibles.  It’s a great option for new home buyers as well, especially if you just can’t find the perfect home but you found a nice place at a great value. There’s no harm in knocking a few walls down or building a small addition to really “own” your home.

Renovations of any kind (small or large) can go a long way toward making your home cozy and comfortable.  It can mean the difference between living in a house and living in your home.  Sometimes, being happy with what you’ve got means rolling up your sleeves, making a few holes, electrocuting yourself a little followed by the realization that it might be a good time to let a general contractor save you and save the day.


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