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Whether you’re interested in freshening the look of your home or hoping to increase the functionality of a particular room, every home remodeling project starts the same way—by figuring out what you need and want.

Home Remodeling Project Process“Homeowners should consider designs and what the end result will look like and what they’re trying to achieve,” said Craig Schoenberg, owner of Schoenberg Construction.  “Are they going to expand their kitchen or relocate a room?  People remodel for a lot of different reasons these days.”

Once they have a basic goal, clients must start considering the finer details of their remodels.  The remodeling process is full of large decisions like selecting a contractor and small choices such as choosing drawer pulls for the new cabinets.

What to Expect During the Estimating &
Home Remodeling Process

“Most people have a good idea of what they want,” Craig said.  “Big picture, they know what they’re doing.  But get into the selection of countertops and flooring—they haven’t picked that kind of stuff.”

That can make it tough for Craig during the estimate process.  He noted that he will often sketch designs of general layouts for his customers, but that still leaves some guesswork when it comes to the pricing of materials.

“A lot of people are looking for a true estimate—a pretty firm price of what the remodel’s going to cost,” he said.  “I don’t want to overprice things for people, but at the same time, you want to use quality products.  I would never lowball someone to get their work…you have to be realistic with producing that estimate.”

Once Craig has a set of drawings and a general idea of what the client is looking for, he can begin distributing the plans to building suppliers, plumbers, electricians, and other industry professionals who will help with the project.  Each of these subcontractors provides Craig with an estimate for the cost of materials and labor that he can then integrate into the overall estimate.

In some cases, the estimate is higher than the customer expected—because, as Craig said, “there’s a perception that people have about the costs of home remodeling, but then reality sets in.”  As an example, Craig explained that many homeowners think they can complete a bathroom remodel for $2,000 or $3,000 because the room is so small.  However, when you get into working with the plumbing or choosing quality materials for a new shower or flooring, the costs can quickly rise to the $8,000-$12,000 price range.

Though the costs are sometimes higher than anticipated, for many families, the price tag is worth it.  A remodel—particularly a popular project like a kitchen or bathroom renovation—can dramatically increase the value of a property.  And perhaps more importantly, it can also create a higher quality of life for the family.

According to Craig, bathroom and  kitchen remodels are the two most common types of interior home renovations for Minnesota families.  In kitchens, Craig works with a lot of customers who want new cabinets and nicer countertops.  Bathroom remodels often include the same features, along with new vanities or custom walk-in showers.  Some families who have homes that were built eight or ten years ago are also looking to have their basements finished in order to make use of the extra space in their homes.

Once families have selected the features and materials they want to use and Craig has contacted workers from other trades to create a master schedule for the project, the work can begin.

“Depending on how complicated it is or how much you’re doing, a kitchen remodel will generally take six to eight weeks,” Craig said.  “Bathrooms can be done in a shorter time if everything is picked out and everything is scheduled right—maybe four to five weeks.”

In some cases, the overall timeline is simply a matter of how many different people will be working on the project.  Craig has to make sure that there won’t be too many workers trying to fit into a room at the same time—particularly in a space as small as a bathroom.

“You get three trades there at the same time, I can expect a phone call from them!” he said with a laugh.

Though the remodeling process can take some time, Craig finds the work rewarding and is happy to help St. Cloud families get the homes of their dreams.

“The most enjoyable part of my job is the end result—when you’re done and the customer’s just thrilled with how everything went,” Craig said.  “The workers themselves are happy that they performed for the customer by keeping things clean and being there when they said they would be.  The most enjoyable thing is seeing the gratification from the customers when we’re done.”


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