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How to Find Inspiration for Your St. Cloud Home Remodeling Project

St Cloud MN Home Remodeling

Starting a brand new St. Cloud home remodeling project should be an exciting time for your family.  After all, the possibilities that await you are endless!  From a totally renovated living room to a fully finished basement, you can redesign your home to look and function in any way you choose.  Of course, before you can figure out what you really want, you’ll need to get some inspiration from other successfully designed spaces.  Check out these five sources to find creative ideas for your St. Cloud home remodeling project.

1. Visit Other Houses

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to find inspiration for your home remodeling project is to start checking out other people’s homes.  When you’re over at a friend or family member’s house, look around at the details in each room for ideas—and remember that sometimes, ruling out elements you dislike can be just as helpful as figuring out what you do like.  You can also check out real estate listings in your area or visit a couple open houses.  Homes that are being sold are typically arranged to highlight their best features, so you’ll get a clear look at some inspiring ideas.

2. Check Out Home Décor Magazines

Of course, home décor magazines will always offer a world of inspiring takes on fresh looks and makeover ideas for your home.  Most magazines tend to focus on a particular style or aesthetic, so you should think about what types of looks you prefer before buying one of each publication.  Magazines like Better Homes & Gardens and Traditional Home offer contemporary, livable designs, while Elle Décor and Martha Stewart Living are geared toward clean, minimalistic styles.  Check out Country Sampler or Country Living for a classic, rustic-inspired appeal.

3. Head to Home Décor Stores

You can find hundreds of ideas for room layouts, decorating features, and even specific products you want simply by heading to a home décor store.  From furniture stores to hardware stores, retail shops that sell goods for your home are a fantastic source of inspiration.  Most of these stores have merchandising designers who spend time arranging their products in an aesthetically appealing way.  Though this extra care is taken in order to influence you to buy, you can also use their displays as a source of inspiration for your own St. Cloud home remodeling project.

4. Tune in to the Background

One of our favorite ways to find inspiration for new home design projects is to tune in to the background of your favorite television shows and movies.  While you’re watching the main action on the screen, focus on the extra details that make up the character’s homes and offices.  Though you might not want to incorporate palm trees or beach themes into your St. Cloud home remodeling project, you can find plenty of inspiration for your new kitchen, bedroom, or basement remodel in the settings of some of your favorite entertainment.

5. Visit the St. Cloud, MN Home Show and the Tour of Homes

Finally, be sure to visit the St. Cloud, MN Home Show or the Tour of Homes sponsored by the Central Minnesota Builders Association (CMBA).  These special events take place every year in March and are two of the best places to find fresh inspiration for your remodeling project.  At the Home Show, you can talk to real experts and see exhibits with hundreds of ideas that will bring new life into your home, while the Tour of Homes is a great way to see real St. Cloud properties that feature many of the design elements you could enjoy after a remodel.  Visit the CMBA’s website to learn more about these fantastic events!


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