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Basement Design Ideas

Four Exciting Basement Design Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Brand New

Whether you’re finally planning to renovate your drab, unfinished basement or you’re looking for ways to better utilize an empty, already-finished space, there are plenty of great solutions that can make your space feel brand new.  Check out these exciting basement design ideas to get some inspiration for your home.

1. Family Rec Room basement-rec-room

One of the most common and useful basement design ideas is the family rec room—easy to customize based on your family’s unique interests and easy to adapt over the years as your children age.  Families with young kids can start out with play space and room for the kids to run around, while families with teens and college students may choose to fill the empty space with a media center and comfy furniture or gaming tables for activities like pool, ping pong, or air hockey.

Turning your basement into a family rec room enables you and your loved ones to spend all kinds of fun time together for many years to come.

2. Designated Interest Areas

If your family already has enough play or entertainment space upstairs, you may want to create designated spaces in your basement for your family’s special interests.  Could one of the following ideas work in your basement?

  • Exercise space
  • Craft center
  • Man cave or mom cave
  • Gaming room
  • Music room
  • Playroom

Keep in mind—depending on the size of your basement, you may even be able to incorporate more than one of these basement design ideas into your home!  With the right planning and preparation, you can easily create individualized spaces in your basement for each member of your family to enjoy.

3. Basement Apartment

Looking for a way to add even more functional space to your home? Consider renovating your space into a basement apartment! Though this type of design is a little more elaborate, you’ll gain immense benefits and tons of extra functional room by adding a bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen area, and living space to your basement.

Best of all, a basement apartment can also serve several functions depending on your family’s needs.  Some families use the extra space for college-age kids who are still living at home, while others treat it as an extra area for the whole family to enjoy.  You can also consider renting it and earning monthly income from a tenant or using the basement apartment as a guest room when friends and family come to stay.  The possibilities are truly endless with this type of basement renovation!

4. Home Office

Finally, you may also want to consider turning your basement into a home office. Whether you work from home part-time or you simply want a dedicated space to read, organize files, and pay your bills, a home office space is the perfect way to keep life’s more mundane tasks from bleeding into your personal life—and more importantly to keep paperwork and clutter from piling up around the rest of your home! Building a personal office in your basement allows you to take full advantage of this extra square footage in your home.

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