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St Cloud Remodeling

As one of St. Cloud’s leading remodeling contractors, we understand that the idea of renovating your home can seem a little overwhelming.  It’s easy to put off the project until “someday,” a vague, undefined time when you’re suddenly less busy and more prepared.  Unfortunately, that perfect “someday” never comes for many homeowners and they spend years living in houses that they aren’t really satisfied with.

Whether you want to improve the function or the look of your St. Cloud home, a remodel project can make your space more livable for your family and improve the value of your property.  There are tons of benefits to finally beginning that remodeling project and hundreds of reasons to get started.  We’ve put together a few of the top reasons to consider starting your St. Cloud remodeling project today.

The Top Five Reasons to Start a
St. Cloud Remodeling Project

1. You’d Like to Increase Your Home’s Value

If you’re thinking about moving sometime in the next few years, a remodeling project could increase the value of your home and help you sell it for a higher price.  Think about both internal and external projects that can have an impact on your home’s value—including a new roof, foundation work, a kitchen redesign, fresh paint, or the addition of a second or third bathroom.

2. You’re Not Planning to Move Soon

On the other hand, it might be the perfect time to remodel if you’re not planning on moving anytime soon.  Whether you don’t want your kids to have to go to a new school or you simply love the convenient family activities available in your neighborhood, you can transform the home you’re living in now into the home of your dreams through a St. Cloud remodeling project.

3. You Have Too Much Wasted Space

Many families have space in their homes that is wasted because it is designed poorly or unfinished.  You can add to the livable square footage in your home by renovating your basement storage area into a family room or extra bedroom—or consider changing your kitchen layout so that you have more functional storage space and room to prep meals.

4. You Need an Update

Some St. Cloud families begin remodeling projects simply because they’re tired of the décor in their homes and they need an update.  Hate the 1970s-style wood paneling in your living room?  Tired of the old claw-foot tub in your bathroom?   A remodeling project is an easy way to bring a fresh look to your home.  Best of all, you can customize the entire remodeling project to fit your family’s needs, personal tastes, and—most importantly—your budget.

5. You Want a More Energy-Efficient Home

If your home is poorly insulated or losing heat through loose-fitting windows and doors, you should consider a remodeling project to make your home more energy-efficient.  Shoring up poorly insulated areas or switching to Energy-Star certified products could lower your monthly utility bills and help your family enjoy more comfortable temperatures all throughout the year.  Stay warm in St. Cloud with an energy-efficient remodeling project.

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