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Basement Bar Ideas St Cloud MN

Basement Bar Ideas St Cloud MN

There is a surge in the use of basements as a living space in many homes today. Families are finding that a successful basement remodeling project is a phenomenal way to improve the comfort, versatility, and value of any home. It doesn’t matter if its primary use is a family area or the infamous man cave; basements are a great place to consider for your next home project. One popular choice for a basement remodel is the installation of a home bar.

Picture for a moment coming home from a long day at work; you are looking forward to sitting in your recliner in your basement. Now, imagine the weekend as you entertain friends; they follow you to your basement for the festivities. Or, picture a quiet evening home with a loved one. You snuggle up together in your basement. A custom basement bar is an attribute that enhances these and more special moments you enjoy in your home.

A home bar is extremely functional. It will add needed storage space. And, while there are many other great reasons to install a bar, remember that it’s a great investment adding character and appeal. This is helpful should you ever decide to sell your home.

Bones of the Bar:

There are some basic attributes that most bars share.

  • Typically it will be the standard height of 42 inches making standard bar stools the right height also.
  • A good rule of thumb for the overhang is that it extends at least 8 inches. This provides comfort when sitting at the bar.
  • The width of a bar should be between 16 to 20 inches. Any longer is usually wasted space.
  • Using molding in your bar construction provides an armrest and gives your bar a more finished look.
  • It’s wise to build your top with a drip edge to prevent any spills from hitting the floor.

Some will also build their bars with additional features that make the home bar more like a professional bar. This includes a drink rail and a foot rail. Occasionally, a lower counter will also be built providing a great place for a drop sink; however this does make the project more complex.

Work Your Plan:

Building a bar takes a great deal of planning to provide the best results. Because of the space considerations and intricate measurements, some build a life size cardboard model of the bar. However, it is always recommended you consult a professional.

It’s important to consider the look of your bar also. Depending on your taste, you may choose from a massive selection of materials including wood species, stain color, and molding shape. Even metals and stone are becoming popular bar materials. A good recommendation is to use samples of the materials and look at them in your bar space to give you an idea of the final results.

We hope we’ve helped in considering your own bar. If you’ve made the decision to add a bar, but you aren’t sure how to go about it, Schoenberg Construction can help. Whether adding a bar to your existing space or as part of a complete remodel, our team brings experience and skill to your project to do the job right. We will help you to decide on a style and work within your budget. After design, your bar will be expertly built using exact specifications. We pride ourselves on completing the work on-time, within budget, and just the way you like it. Contact us today for your pressure-free consultation and start reaping the benefits your own custom bar will offer.


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