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Home Addition Ideas for St Cloud Homeowners

Six Home Addition Ideas to Simplify Your Family’s Lifestyle

Whether you’re tired of tripping over your toddler’s toys in the living room or you’re like to have a separate place where your teenagers could entertain their friends, a home addition is a great way to improve your family’s everyday lifestyle.  We’ve compiled six home addition ideas your family may want to consider in order to add extra space for living and storage to your house.

1. Enjoy More Overall Space

If you find yourself continually running out of room in your home, an addition could be a great way to add on the extra space for living and storage your family really needs.  An extra room can quickly become a great place to house toys, exercise equipment, or even a private “man cave” or “mom cave” for you or your spouse. 

2. Give Yourself More Room to Entertain

Do you feel cramped when guests descend upon your home?  It could be time to expand your living space with a home addition.  Consider adding on an extra den or living room where you and your guests can relax and congregate.  You can also increase your current living room’s size by adding on to that space or by combining it with another repurposed room.

3. Let the Kids Have Separate Rooms

Though your children may have been perfectly content to share a bedroom when they were young, growing kids often start to desire their own private spaces.  Adding on a bedroom or two is the perfect way to let your kids have extra room to grow into their own identities and to keep them from feeling overcrowded by their brother or sister.  And of course, it’s also a smart way to prepare for the coming challenges of the tween and teen years!

4. Add a Bathroom for Comfort and Convenience

Is your family constantly fighting for space in the bathroom in the mornings before work and school?  Adding an extra full bathroom is one of the best ways to alleviate the morning rush to get ready and to make everyone’s lives a little easier.  With an extra full bathroom, more people can get ready at the same time and there will be fewer fights about whose turn it is to go next.

5. Work from Home with an Office Space

With more and more companies offering telecommute options for workers, it could be time to think about adding an office space to your home.  A home office allows you to decrease your daily commute time dramatically and to spend more time with your family.  Even if you’ll only be working from home a day or two each week, the home office can also still serve as a space for paying bills, browsing the Internet, and doing homework.

6. Bring Family Closer with a Guest Room

Finally, a guest room is a great option for your home addition plan so that you may entertain visitors more often.  Whether you’re hoping the grandparents will stay more frequently so you can get a break or looking for a place your adult kids can stay when they come to visit, adding on a guest room is a convenient and thoughtful way to use the additional new space in your home.


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