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Remodeling Your St Cloud MN Home: Defining the Vision

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When you’re working with a Saint Cloud MN contractor to remodel the home of your dreams, you need to be sure that you’re both on the same page about each major desire and decision.  We’ve explained before how important it is to communicate openly and honestly with your contractor, but it’s also important to make sure that the words and phrases you’re using to describe your vision mean the same thing to your contractor that they do to you.  Otherwise, you may end up with a “large picture window” that’s much larger than you anticipated—or a “grand staircase” that’s really not so spectacular.

Check out our top tips to make client-contractor communications a little simpler.

1. Use Specific Language

Our first tip is a simple one, but it’s one that many homeowners struggle with—use specific language to describe what you want.  This tip is applicable for every detail of your home remodel, including sizes, colors, and materials.  If you want to add a new counter in your kitchen, take measurements to explain where you would like it to extend to.  Use paint swatches or Pantone colors to make sure your contractor knows exactly which shade you’re imagining.  Picturing a particular décor style in your new bathroom?  Describe the type of flooring, cabinets, and shower tiles that you see in your mind in great detail.

2. Provide Examples

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.  If you’re having trouble finding the specific language to describe what you’re looking for, spend some time searching for a visual example instead.  Pull photos from magazines, take pictures of store displays with your cell phone camera, or email your contractor photos from a website to explain what you want.  Be sure to point out which key elements of the photo you especially love, and highlight any items that you would like to change in your own home.

3. Review Your Project’s Plans

Once you’ve explained what you want to your contractor clearly and he or she has had some time to put together a plan for your remodeling project, be sure to go over the details carefully.  You should be able to get a very good idea of whether or not your contractor understood what you wanted by reviewing the plans for your project and by asking questions about the items he or she has included. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Revise

Finally, don’t be afraid to make changes or revise your plans if something didn’t turn out the way you wanted.  Some homeowners are reluctant to speak up when they’re dissatisfied during the remodeling process.  However, it’s much easier for a contractor to make a change mid-way through the project than once the work has been completed.  A reliable contractor who cares about his work will be happy to go the extra mile to make sure the finished project is exactly what you wanted.

By following these key strategies and maintaining an open line of communication with your contractor, you can achieve a successful St. Cloud home remodeling project that looks just as you envisioned.


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