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Couple dreaming new houseStep-By-Step Guide to Home Remodeling and Construction for St. Cloud MN Homeowners—Part 2

You’ve made it through the first few steps of your home construction project—and now that you’ve established what you’re looking for and chosen a contractor, it’s time to dig in to the meaty part of planning.  Your St. Cloud remodeling contractor can help you through these phases, so be sure to give him or her a call any time you have a question or concern about one of your construction decisions.  As you prepare to start finalizing your project plans, use this guide to help you figure out what should be next on your agenda.

1. Work on a Construction Plan

By this point, you’ve already discussed a number of your needs and wants with your contractor—and now it’s time to begin working on a detailed outline for your construction project.  Your contractor will make this plan for you, but you’ll need to be very involved during the process.  This is often one of the hardest parts of any remodeling or new building job, as you’ll have to make some tough choices about which elements really matter the most to you. 

We always work with clients closely to make sure that your final construction plan includes a number of your needs and wants.  Though you may have to sacrifice a few of your dream items in order to stick to your budget, it’s still very possible to come up with a plan that you’ll be happy with in the end—and we won’t stop working until we’ve done so!

2. Select Specific Materials to Finalize Your Plan

As a part of the construction planning process, you’ll need to spend some time going over specific material choices with your contractor.  This portion of the construction process can be quite time-consuming, as there are a number of choices available for everything from the style of your kitchen counters to the particular cabinet and drawer pulls you’d prefer.  Your St. Cloud home builder can help you narrow down the selections and choose materials that are most appropriate for your construction plan and your budget.

3. Communicate with Your Contractor Throughout the Process

Throughout the entire planning process, it’s essential to communicate openly and honestly with your contractor.  At Schoenberg Construction, it’s our job to make sure you are satisfied with the quality and finished product of your construction job.  We are here to help you navigate each decision along the way and to make sure the completed work is just as you envisioned it. 

Whether you have a question about the type of flooring that will be most durable in a home with kids and pets or you’re concerned about completing your project before guests come to visit for the summer, we’ll work with you to find the best solutions for your family.

4. Enjoy Your New Home!

The final step of your St. Cloud home construction project is to sit down, breathe a sigh of relief, and enjoy your new home!  Though the building process may be a little hectic and stressful at times, there is no greater feeling than the one you’ll experience when you are able to see your completed home for the first time.  After all the hard work and money you’ve invested into your project, you and your family deserve to feel great joy at the thought of all the years you’ll be able to enjoy in your new surroundings and the special memories you’ll make there.

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