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Tiled Walk-In Shower to Age in Place

The Top Four Ways a Tiled Walk-In Shower Allows You to Age in Place– If you’re looking for some new remodeling ideas that will allow you to stay in your home for many years to come, you’ll love the convenience and flexibility of a tiled walk-in shower.  Tiled walk-in showers are a much better solution for people who suffer from mobility issues than standard tubs and shower seats because they are easier to enter and exit—and much more comfortable inside.

Check out these incredible before and after images of a shower upgrade we completed—and then read on to learn about the top four benefits that a tiled walk-in shower could offer you.

Tiled Walk in Shower St Cloud MnTop 4 Ways a Tiled Walk-In Shower Allows You to Age in Place

1. No Difficult Hurdles to Clear

The first benefit of a tiled walk-in shower is one of the easiest and clearest to see—there’s no steep tub ledge to step over to get inside!  Tiled walk-in showers usually just have a very slight step up from the floor that doesn’t require much more effort to clear than a typical step forward.  When compared to the side of a tub (many of which average around 18 inches in height), the walk-in shower is a much safer and simpler alternative.

2. A Comfortable, Stabilized Seat

Check out the incredible difference between the shower chair in the first picture and the built-in shower seat in the second picture—wow!  In the first photo, the chair is prone to damage over time, may become rickety with additional use, and is far less stable than a built-in alternative.  In contrast, the built-in seat is extremely sturdy, incredibly easy to clean, and much more spacious.  For anyone who needsto have a comfortable and reliable place to remain seated while showering, the built-in option in the tiled shower is a much safer fit.

3. More Spacious Inside

Similarly, it’s also easy to see how much more spacious the walk-in shower in the second photo is than the standard shower and tub arrangement in the first photo!  First of all, you’ll gain several valuable inches of space by removing the tub from the shower altogether.  Second, the built-in seat takes up much less room than the added shower chair, giving you more room to move around while you’re in the shower.  You can also eliminate the pesky curtain bar (which some taller people may have to duck to miss), as well as the shower curtain and curtain hooks (which need to be removed and cleaned frequently).  Instead, you’ll have a simple shower that is roomy inside, easy to enter, and much simpler to clean.

4. Closer Proximity to Shower Controls and Accessories

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you can put the shower controls and hooks for your shower products whenever you want when you design a tiled walk-in shower.  In the second photo, you can see how the soap dishes are located conveniently right next to the built-in shower seat so that whoever is using the shower doesn’t have to reach very far.  Similarly, the seat is positioned so that the water will easily spray on to the person using the shower.  The shower also includes a handheld shower handle for increased mobility and convenience. 

Remodeling options like tiled walk-in showers are designed to help homeowners age in place—and they could be the perfect solution to allow you to continue living in your home for many years to come.  Contact Craig at Schoenberg Construction today to find out what other types of remodeling options are available to suit your needs.

Bathroom Before Remodeling

Old tub and shower enclosure

Tiled Walk-In Bathroom After Remodel

Tiled Walk in Showers St Cloud MN

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