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Tips on Hiring a Remodeling Professional

Hiring a Remodeling ProfessionalHiring a remodeling professional tips for St Cloud, MN homeowners—

Making the decision to remodel your home can be both exciting and overwhelming. When hiring a remodeling professional, following a few simple tips can make the difference in the overall success of your construction project.

To help make your project (such as a bathroom or kitchen remodel or a home addition) and the decision making process more enjoyable and informative, just follow these six tips.

6 Tips on Hiring a Remodel Pro

Tip #1 — Research Potential Candidates

There are several ways to find potential contractors for your remodel project.  Asking friends and family that may have recently completed a project is a good place to start. Also, other local contractors that you have worked with in the past, such as plumbers and electricians, can often point you in the right direction. Additional resources for you to use include online directories as well as local business and professional organizations such as the Central MN Builders Association. You might also want to check with local building supply companies in Central MN.

 Tip #2 — Verify Credentials

Check with local government offices and state of MN licensing agencies to verify that the remodeling professionals who are on your list of options have the proper registrations and licenses to perform any work that is relevant to your project. You may also want to contact your surrounding business bureaus regarding company ratings, accreditations, or any possible complaints that may be on file. Add any relative contact information to your list. If you find that a company’s contact information varies greatly among your resources, it may be in your best interest to mark it off of your list, as this could be an indication of instability. You are looking for a professional.

Tip #3 — Contact Businesses and Assess Qualifications

Once you have completed your preliminary research, it is time to contact the businesses directly. Here is a list of 9 questions to ask your general contractor we suggest you read before making those calls.  Make notes during your conversations, including any particular points that may have raised concerns.  Note also any specific details that may have reinforced your confidence in that company’s ability to perform the project as desired. For instance, if you are environmentally conscious, someone that is Green Certified may be a good choice for you.

Of course if you are remodeling a specific area of your home, such as a kitchen or bathroom, a company with a vast amount of expertise in this area is probably your best choice. Be sure to take in to consideration the age and condition of your home, and ask the building contractor about any similar projects that he may have completed that are comparable.

Tip #4 — Check References

Ask for references of former clients, business associates, and other material suppliers, sub-contractors or contractors that they may have worked with in the past. Also, ask if they have a portfolio and if they can show you examples of previous projects that may be similar to the remodeling project you are considering.

When speaking with a reference, be sure to ask questions regarding the company’s ability to manage the project effectively and efficiently. Find out if the individual was satisfied with the overall performance of the remodeling professional and the quality of the work performed. Ask if they would hire the contractor again for future construction projects and why (or why not).

Tip #5 — Ask for a Detailed Estimate

Once you have narrowed your search down to a few options, ask for an estimate. Any costs incurred for building permits, subcontractors, changes in the scope of work, or other expenses should be noted.  Also, request documentation of any warranties or guarantees the company may offer.

Be cautious, however, when comparing estimates as they can vary greatly.  For example, one contractor may have the cheapest windows figured in the estimate while the next contractor will have a quality window figured.  In other words, price is not the only factor you must consider when comparing remodeling price estimates.

Tip #6 — Finalize the Contract and Start the Project

Knowing that you have taken the time to do the proper research, you can now confidently move forward with hiring a remodeling professional. Choosing a general contractor with the proper credentials and experience to manage your specific project needs will make the journey a much more enjoyable process, and it will allow you to enjoy the transformation of your central Minnesota home that much more.


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