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Saint Cloud Home Improvements – Are Your Windows Bird-Proof?

St Cloud Home ImprovementA shocking event happens to home owners on a fairly regular basis that’s causing many homes and businesses in St Cloud – especially those with larger panes of glass- to seek out new replacement windows.

It might surprise you to know just how often birds of all sizes fly into windows, sometimes destroying the glass and killing the bird in the process.  It happens thousands of times each day across the U.S. and it can cost a homeowner a lot of money.

The problem stems from the fact that birds just can’t see glass.  Heck, even some humans can’t see glass as they wander into department store doors and their own sliding glass walls.

There is a solution and if you’re considering new replacement windows for a home improvement project then this may be an option for you to consider.  Granted, you may not think this will ever happen to you but that’s usually when we suffer the most annoying and costly disasters around our home.

Bird-Proof Windows, Your Next Home Improvement Choice Perhaps?

A German design company called ORNILUX has developed a new Bird Protection Glass which is coated with an UltraViolet reflective grid that gleams bright to birds however it’s transparent to the naked human eye.

These replacement windows, called Mikado, feature a criss-cross patten that resembles a vast spiderweb stretching across the window and it’s far less visible to the human eye than those types of replacement window currently on the market.  ORNILUX is currently working with various American groups included the Audobon Society and American Bird Conservancy to raise awareness among businesses and homeowners all over the U.S. (even in St Cloud) on the issue of bird-window collisions.

Residential and Commercial contractors as well as architects are being encouraged to incorporate this new option into their building and home improvement projects where possible.

Per a recent study (one cites in the New York Times) ORNILUX performed a test on this new protective glass and showed that over 3/4 of the birds were able to avoid the glass.  Far higher than standard glass windows where nearly every bird had a collision.  Besides providing safety to local wildlife, these replacement windows offer more benefit to homeowners in that they are produced with either low-e coating or a solar protective coating to improve efficiency and “green up” your home.


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