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Designing a Kitchen: 10 Factors to Consider—

A meal is as good as the love with which it was made. Since meals are prepared in the kitchen, the ambiance certainly affects the mood one has when cooking. Commercial and residential kitchens have undergone evolution in style and themes. To cook in the kitchen is easy for a good chef, but to design a kitchen may not be as simple.

There are several items to consider, and it is always wise to seek help from professionals when you begin to design a kitchen. From choosing a theme, to selecting the appropriate lighting fixtures, you’ll have a clear plan in mind for your kitchen design after reviewing the list of design considerations shown below.

10 Considerations of Kitchen Design

The following are some of the most important factors to consider when designing a kitchen.

Consideration #1: Theme

It helps to design around a theme as the decisions you’ll make about the other features will depend on your chosen theme. Among the most popular themes for kitchens are Tuscan, Mexican, Vintage-Look, Italian, and Oriental.

#2: Space

Know the size and shape of the kitchen itself and the countertops. These will determine the size and placement of the appliances and fixtures in the room. Space management is important and there should not be a lingering feeling of being cramped in the room. One should have ample space to cook.

#3: Flooring

Select an appropriate material for the kitchen floor. The color and pattern of the kitchen flooring has a big affect on the beauty of the kitchen as it reflects everything in the room. The texture should be able to handle possible food spills also without retaining any stains.

#4: Cabinets

Choose cabinets and countertops well. The size, color, design, and the material of the cabinets and countertops must be taken into consideration. Accessibility, usability and storage capacity for the cabinets should also be factored in to your decision.

#5: Faucets

Faucets and the sink should remain true to the motif of the room. Consider their overall look and feel and make sure that they are a good match for your kitchen’s theme.

#6: Color

The dominant color of the kitchen has a big say about the ambiance created in the room. This factor, of course, depends on the chosen theme for the kitchen.

#7: Appliances

The appliances, their size and color, should also relate well to the theme of the kitchen. Their location must be selected properly so that you’ll have easy access to them during cooking.

#8: Lighting

Lighting should be ample and emphasize certain areas of the kitchen you wish to feature.

#9: Decor

Ideally, decorations found within the room will remain true to the chosen theme. This includes curtains, mats, pots and vases, paintings or photos, and even the chairs found within the room.

#10: Money

Financing, of course, may be one of the biggest factors in the design of a kitchen. All other factors considered, the budget you set will determine if a certain kitchen design is chosen over another.

Your kitchen should be stress-free, beautiful and have everything readily within reach during the cooking process. You may want to visit websites offering ideas on the design of a kitchen or actual showrooms to view some designs in person.

It is still best, however, to seek professional advice to design a kitchen. By doing so you’ll be able to discuss the ideas you have and get valuable insight from the design and/or building professional to improve and eventually to realize the kitchen of your dreams.


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