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Small Kitchen Remodels

Small Kitchen RemodelsDated St Cloud Homes See Updates with Kitchen Remodeling—

When you’re talking about the most intimate rooms in the house, it’s a close call between the bathroom and the kitchen.  Intimate in the sense that a lot of time is spent in these rooms and that time is often very personal.   That’s why these two rooms see so much attention, both in the form of complete bathroom renovation and small kitchen remodel.

Modern homes in St Cloud are being erected with a lot of kitchen space, often to the tune of a gourmet setting with massive counter space and a lot of cupboards.  Unfortunately this new design is still fairly recent.  Homes that are more than 20 years old didn’t have the same emphasis on kitchens.  In many older homes, the attention was put on family gathering space with room to entertain.  These homes features additional family rooms on top of a living room or great rooms and studies that ate up a lot of square footage.  The kitchen often suffered.

Small Kitchen Remodeling Benefits

Save for knocking down an exterior wall and expanding outward, those who own older homes in St Cloud sometimes feel like they’re stuck with a poorly designed kitchen that lacks the space they need for proper use. Let’s face it, when a kitchen doesn’t work for you and you can seem to find a place for all your stuff then it’s the last place you want to spend any time.

No homeowner should have to deal with space like that, and that’s why a small kitchen remodel is so essential.  There’s a lot you can do to use space creatively in your small kitchen to improve space.  With a shift in the layout of your kitchen, additional cabinets can often be added to improve storage space.

Another issue that plagues many is the lack of counter space in smaller kitchens.  Shifting a sink into a corner or simply adding a wraparound counter system can improve counter space.  If you live in a home with multiple windows in a smaller kitchen, you can sometimes sacrifice a window to add an entire wall of cupboard and counter space – revitalizing the functionality of your kitchen.

Small kitchen remodeling also includes the lighting which has a dramatic effect on how you perceive your space.  When you have poor lighting, a room may seem to be more cramped and crowded than it actually is.  Well placed lighting with overhead lights, track lighting or under-cabinet lighting can really open up and add depth to your small kitchen space.

A change in colors, including the material used on in cupboards and counter tops, can change the appearance to give the impression that the kitchen is more open, thus creating a certain air of comfort.  Professional paint application with accent walls, new window treatments, cabinet tops, a new back splash, decorative tile – even décor that brings the eyes up from the counter level.

All of these have a way of making the kitchen far more comfortable.  With small kitchen remodeling in your St Cloud home, it’s more about comfort and convenience than anything else.  If all it takes is a little touch up from a general contractor, you’ve got a simple renovation on your hands that can make life that much easier for you at home.


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