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Cabin Remodel Sartell MN: Before and After Pictures

Sartell Cabin After Remodeling PicturesImagine you are sitting by the Mississippi river in Sartell, MN, enjoying the beauty of the day (and the nearby water) and unwinding from a long week at the office. Ahhhhh… can you feel the stress melting away? One lucky family can, because they now have a beautifully remodeled family cabin to enjoy located by the river in Sartell.

The original small, single-story cabin had been in the family for many years and was passed on from a father to his children. But time had taken its toll on the structure and water leaks developed. Additionally, the family grew in size over the years and the existing cabin could no longer accommodate everyone. The lack of space meant some family members had to spend their nights at a nearby hotel.  The time had come for this family to take action and remodel their family cabin.   That’s when they called Craig Schoenberg, General Contractor and owner of Schoenberg Construction.

After meeting and strategizing about their cabin remodel plans, the decision was made to tear the existing cabin down. The foundation would be left in place and a brand new structure would be built on top of it. To add space, the floor would be extended beyond the existing foundation. And the biggest bonus is that the rebuilt structure would include all new windows, electrical, plumbing and an updated septic system. The results of this cabin remodel project are adorable.

Sartell, MN Cabin Remodel/Rebuild Before and After Photos

Cabin Before Remodel









Sartell MN Cabin After Remodeling Pictures


The exterior of the old cabin was definitely beginning to show its age.  The rebuilt cabin got a fresh new look with updated green siding and tiles that will be easier to maintain than the original white siding and a span of brand new windows.  The additional floor space and the new upstairs loft area give this family lots more space to enjoy together.

Before Cabin Remodeling









After Cabin Remodeling


We love that each side of the house now has more windows than the old cabin did!  The beautiful wooden deck and staircases also add to the character of this lovely, rustic abode.

Cabin Before Remodeling









Sartell MN Cabin Remodel


The new cabin also features a fabulous deck where family members can sit and enjoy a few cold glasses of lemonade or their favorite books.  What a lovely place to sit outside and take in the sunshine and fresh Minnesota air!

Sartell Cabin Interior Photos

The interior of this cabin is cute and  comfortable, and the design optimizes the space for maximum functionality (including a brand new loft space!). In addition to the rooms pictured below, there is a full bathroom and a private bedroom on the main floor.

Sartell Cabin Kitchen


Plenty of cabinets and an expansive countertop offer lots of room for storage and cooking prep, while the windows allow wide bursts of natural sunlight to stream in.  Recessed lights give the kitchen a cozy feel when family members are cooking in the evenings after the sun has gone down.

Sartell Cabin Dining Room


Again, the dining area benefits from lots of natural light with several full windows and the added light from the kitchen.  A brand new overhead lighting fixture adds a touch of modern appeal to the cabin’s simple decor.

Sartell Cabin Living Room

Living Room

Though the dining table only seats four, there’s plenty of additional room to add extra seating or even extra tables when a big group is staying at the cabin.  This living room area is also surrounded with natural light, and benefits from the open ceiling that looks up the loft (which you can see in the photo below).

Living look up to loft

Living Room looking to the Loft

This photo is taken from the living room and looks upward toward the brand new loft.  We really love how open this entire space feels!

Sartell Minnesota Cabin Remodel Loft

The Loft

The loft brings more square footage to this beautiful cabin and also serves as a convenient multi-purpose room.  Whether the family chooses to use this space as a spare bedroom, a playroom for the kids, storage space, a room for crafts, or a place to lounge, the open feeling of the room and beautiful wood-paneled windows will serve as a gorgeous, multi-functional backdrop to their favorite activities.

Loft looking down to dining

Loft looking down to the living room

This last photo offers a view looking from the loft down to the living room (and you can also catch a peek of the large deck outside!).  With the open design plan of the living space and loft area, family members can easily enjoy their separate spaces or join in the same fun conversation while on different floors.

Though it was certainly a little sad to tear the old cabin down, we’re so excited that this lucky family is thrilled with their brand new cabin space.  The additional space, brand new design and floor plan, and updated electrical and plumbing systems will make it easier than ever before for their entire family to enjoy the cabin together.  This beautiful new cabin will certainly serve as a valued source of comfort and as a relaxing, peaceful destination for many generations to come.


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