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Custom Home Builder | Saint Cloud MNCustom Homes Builder, St. Cloud, MN —  If you’ve taken a drive around central MN recently you’ve likely seen rows of houses that look almost identical. These are what are referred to as cookie cutter homes. If you don’t mind having the same house as everyone else and having your home look nearly identical to your neighbor’s, then this can be a good new home option for you.

If, however, you can’t stand being a copycat and want something that’s more unique and reflective of your personality, you should consider building a custom home that’s exactly what you you’ve always dreamed of. In fact, a quality and talented custom home builder in central MN can help you build a house that fulfills your dreams and fits your budget!

Custom home builders aren’t like other contractors who can build a 20, 30, 50 or more spec homes a year. Rather, the custom house contractor you choose will build you a one of a kind home that is designed with your dreams in mind. Typically a custom home builder creates the plans for you either with their own architect or through a designer they recommend. Of course, you might already have a house plan ready to turn over to your home builder. Either way a plan is the first step toward building your custom dream house.

How Does a Custom Home Builder Benefit You

A custom home builder in central MN typically builds between 2 and 10 homes a year. When you hire this type of a builder you have say in every aspect of the home building process. You’ll be able to select your floor plan, your cabinets, your countertops, flooring, lighting and every other component of your new home. You might want a home that’s environmentally friendly, you might want a home that’s a dome, or you might want a home that’s heated using solar panels. Whatever it is you want to see from your home your custom home builder can create it.

When you have a custom home built you get to have all the amenities to your specs. Stainless steel appliances are very popular as are soaker tubs. Whatever it is you want to see in the form of amenities is up to you. You will work hand in hand with your custom home builder choosing these amenities. Your general contractor can offer you recommendations as well as pros and cons to your choices.

Choosing the right custom home builder is key to your success. That’s why you need to take a little time to do your research, check reputations, and have a look at what others felt about the workmanship and team as a whole. That way there is no room for disappointment. Choose the right custom home builder and soon you’ll be enjoying your beautiful new home, built just for you.


Craig at Schoenberg Construction is one of the best Custom Homes Builder in St Cloud. Craig always gives honest, fair bids with no lowball, fake pricing, plus there’s no sales pressure, EVER.  He never uses cheap materials and never engages in sloppy workmanship, and his company is known as one of the top home renovation companies in the Saint Cloud Minnesota area because he INSISTS on doing every job EXACTLY right.

Give him a call today at 320-252-0911 for your no-obligation consultation.

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