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Finished Basement Ideas

Basement Finishing IdeasHome Remodeling Advice, Saint Cloud MN: Finished Basement Ideas to Maximize Your Space—  

Are you tired of letting significant square footage in your home go unused?  It’s time to make the most of your space by taking advantage of all the possibilities available with a finished basement.  Check out this list of five more awesome finished basement ideas you can use to improve your family’s quality of life and to increase the value of your home. Go ahead… take a read and get your creative juices flowing for your next home remodel project.

5 Finished Basement Ideas for Your Central Minnesota Home

1. Home Theater

A home theater might sound like a lofty dream that’s only available to the rich and famous, but it’s actually quite doable with the right finished basement design!  Turn your basement into a comfortable, inviting home entertainment center with a large television, surround sound system, and theater-style seating. 

Don’t forget to accessorize the room with a mini-bar, movie posters, and varied lighting options to create the full movie-going experience in the comfort of your own home. 

2. Arts and Crafts Room

Looking for a way to make your basement into a multi-purpose area that the whole family can enjoy?  Consider turning the space into a room for arts and crafts.  Whether you prefer quilting, decoupage, or painting, a finished basement space offers plenty of room for you to spread your projects out while you’re working and to store your supplies when you’re in between crafting sessions.

3. Man Cave

Over the past several years, the idea of a “man cave” has become one of the most popular options for homeowners who are remodeling their spaces.  A man cave is the perfect place for Dad to get away when he needs a little time to himself after a long day. 

Fill your home’s man cave with his favorite collectibles, books and magazines, and a comprehensive entertainment system—and be sure to throw in a comfortable, well-loved recliner, too.

4. Additional Living Room

Though a finished basement can easily lend itself to any number of brand new rooms, some families simply prefer to keep the area open as an extra living space.  You can easily turn your finished basement into an additional living room where the whole family can relax and spend time together.  This option is an especially good one if your family does a lot of entertaining or if your kids like to have their friends over frequently. 

With a more casual environment than your upstairs living room, the finished basement is also a fun place for your family to sit down and play games or watch movies together on the weekends. 

5. Entertainment Room for Teens

If your kids are getting older and they need a place to host visiting friends, a finished basement can also serve as a fantastic entertainment room for teens.  The remodeled basement space offers plenty of room for kids to socialize, host parties, and have sleepovers, and also gives teens a place that is both private and easy to supervise at the same time. 

For parents who would prefer their kids to spend more time at home instead of going out and getting in trouble with their friends, a finished basement that serves as an awesome hang-out spot is the way to go.


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