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Finished BasementFinished Basements Give Kids Their Own Space— Could your kids use their own space to entertain friends?  When they were young, it was easy to send them upstairs to play dolls in the bedroom or to shoot hoops in the driveway—but older tweens and teens may be looking for a place in the home where they can entertain friends and watch TV, listen to music, or browse the Internet without being bothered by parents and younger siblings.

Check out our top four reasons to finish your basement so that your kids have a place to spend time with their friends.

1. Teens Deserve Privacy

It doesn’t matter how young or old your kids are—they deserve privacy and should have the right to some space of their own inside your home.  Many parents opt to finish their basements so that their older kids will have a private place to spend time with their friends that is still in a semi-public place within the home.

2. You Can Stay Aware of What They’re Doing 

When kids hang out in the finished basement space, they are able to talk and spend time together without interruptions from parents and younger siblings.  However, you still have the opportunity to know what they’re doing, which ensures they won’t get into too much trouble on their own.  By encouraging your teen to have his or her friends over to the house, you’ll also get the chance to meet the people your child is hanging out with and to get to know them for yourself. 

3. Finishing Your Basement is an Investment in a Room That Will Last

One of the best parts of turning your basement into a livable space with plenty of entertainment options is that you can also enjoy the room yourself for many years to come.  Even when the kids have moved out, you’ll still have a beautiful finished basement space that you and your partner can enjoy and use for entertaining your own friends.  And best of all, the room will be filled with happy memories of all the times your children spent with their friends and all the laughter and fun that you and your family shared.

4. The Room Is Easy to Transform

A finished basement that is used as an entertainment area is also incredibly easy to transform into another type of room if you change your mind down the line.  Because the space will be primarily defined by the furniture, games, and electronic accessories that go inside it, you can easily remove these elements and redefine the entire space.  Your finished basement will serve as a blank canvas that can readily become a home office, guest bedroom, or crafting space somewhere down the line.

Whether you want to surprise your kids with a brand new space where they can entertain their friends or you want to let them help with the planning, the professional St. Cloud basement remodeling contractors at Schoenberg Construction are here to serve your family.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your unused basement space into a functional, comfortable new environment that the whole family can enjoy.

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