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Bath Remodelers St. Cloud, MN: One-Day Home Improvement Companies Get Attention from Stressed Homeowners

One-day home improvement companies are popping up all across the country.  These remodelers promise to complete jobs within a day or two and offer limited products, which makes it easy for homeowners to choose a remodeling plan and have work started right away.  But for customers who don’t know much about construction and remodeling, these speedy contractors may look more appealing than they really are.

Though the pitch might sound enticing, many homeowners are shocked when they find out how much more work they could have received from a traditional contractor for the same price.  Comparing general estimates for a shower replacement from a one-day repair company and a traditional contractor illuminates the difference in quality and cost.

A quick home improvement company might charge around $5,500 to replace your shower in one day or one and a half days.  Let’s assume your shower is 15 square feet—that’s a whopping $366.67 per square foot. Also, it must be noted that one-day repair companies are also known to use materials of a lower grade, so the repairs might not stand up to the test of time.

A professional St. Cloud, MN general contractor would typically charge around $3,200 to replace this very same 15 square foot shower. That’s $213.33 per square foot, or a savings of more than $150 per square foot!

But it gets even more interesting—here’s what that extra $150 per square foot can get you from a quality, trusted central MN general contractor.

For that same $5,500—remember, that’s the amount the quick home improvement company wanted to charge you just to replace the shower—a general contractor could also install a toilet, bathroom fan, and mirror and repair the tile and grout in your bathroom.

The project done with the help of a qualified general contractor would improve the entire bathroom and take just an extra few days to complete—all for the same price that was offered by the quick home improvement company.

While homeowners can reasonably expect to have a professional general contractor working in their home for a few extra days, many find the additional time to be a worthy investment.  By working with a professional general contractor, homeowners can typically have more than twice the amount of square footage improved in their homes.

As homeowners face more pressures and stresses from everyday life, quick repair companies have the opportunity to take advantage of the consumer’s desire to finish the project quickly.  Many people believe mistakenly that a quicker project is better, assuming that they will have more crew members working on their home or a more experienced team.  However, the reality is that many one-day repair or one-day bath companies get the job done quickly by using sub-par materials, doing less work, rushing the installation, and taking advantage of a customer’s lack of knowledge for home improvement costs.

Though a professional contractor’s services might take a bit longer to complete, the results speak for themselves.  When homeowners begin remodeling projects, they are investing in the future of their families and their homes.  Professional general contractors typically deliver more for the money because their reputations sell their services.

Before hiring a remodeling company for a one-day project, professional contractors everywhere encourage homeowners to look carefully at the type of work they’ll be receiving for the money.  Homeowners are advised to look at samples of the contractor’s work and to inquire about the type of materials that will be used.  Professional general contractors also suggest that homeowners should consider the long-term value of their properties before working with a quick repair company.  In many cases, the high quality of work and durable materials could mitigate the time investment of an extra couple days of work.


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