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Bathroom Concepts for You to Consider

Six New Bathroom Concepts to Consider During Your Remodel— When you picture your ideal bathroom, what does it look like?  Is it more spacious than your current bathroom, with plenty of room for storage?  Or is it an upgraded room that offers an immersive, luxury spa-like experience?Bathroom Concepts Saint Cloud MN

Fortunately, no matter what you dream about, you can have it all when you carefully plan out your bathroom remodeling project and consider what design aspects will best suit your needs.  Consider these six bathroom concepts to get the relaxing, spacious environment you’ve always wanted. 

1. Choose the Right Bathroom Décor

The right décor can completely transform your mood each time you enter your bathroom—which is why many homeowners choose a spa-like aesthetic that is open, light, and fresh.

To choose the right décor for your remodeled bathroom, think about what colors and styles you’re drawn to. Do you prefer clean, minimalistic pieces or fixtures with a touch of opulence?

2. Install a Deluxe Shower

Deluxe showers are another very popular bathroom concept for people who crave a little at-home relaxation. Your deluxe shower can be made to be as cost-effective or as indulgent as you wish. Consider features like a built-in shower bench, multiple showerheads, Bluetooth speakers, mosaic tiling, or a heated towel rack placed right outside the door.

3. Consider a His-and-Hers Bathroom

For couples who struggle to work around each other when getting ready in the morning, a his-and-hers bathroom might be an ideal solution.  His-and-hers bathrooms typically feature a large counter with dual sinks and symmetrical drawers and cabinets so that each person has plenty of room to store his or her toiletries.

This design, also sometimes called a Jack-and-Jill bathroom, is also an effective solution for siblings who will be sharing a bathroom.

4. Create the Illusion of Space with an Open Layout

If your bathroom is short on space and you’re not looking to add square footage, you can create the illusion of space by designing the room with an open layout.

Replace heavy cabinetry with a slim pedestal sink and a minimalistic ladder shelf for storage.  Opt for a curbless shower over a bulky, little-used bathtub.  Choosing the right lighting and wall colors can also help to open up the space and make your bathroom appear larger.

5. Use Mirrors to Enhance Your Room

Mirrors are another great way to make a bathroom look more spacious.  A mirror that goes all the way to the ceiling makes the room feel much more expansive, while a mirror hung across from a window reflects light and opens up the area.

If you have his-and-hers sinks, consider using a single mirror that hangs over both instead of dual mirrors in order to maintain a continuous, spacious flow.

6. Find Storage Solutions to Maximize Your Space

Finally, as you consider new bathroom concepts for your remodel, be sure to think about what kinds of storage solutions might allow you to take greater advantage of the available space you have.  Heavy armoires and cabinetry sometimes take up more space than they are worth for the amount of storage you get with them.  Instead, consider solutions like open shelving, a small toiletry cart, or recessed cabinets to get more storage space without cluttering up your bathroom.

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