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Home Improvements St Cloud MNFive Outdoor Home Improvements and Remodeling Projects for Saint Cloud, MN Families—

When you’re ready to begin home improvements and remodeling in Saint Cloud, MN, don’t forget to consider the exterior of your home. Improving the outside of your house is a simple way to give the home a new look and to increase the value of your property.

From simple updates to new construction, these five home improvement and remodeling projects will rejuvenate your family’s entire space. 

1. Build a Deck or Side Porch

A deck or side porch instantly adds value to your home, as it makes the property more desirable to future buyers and adds to your family’s quality of life. A comfortable deck, patio, or side porch is the perfect spot to spend spring afternoons and summer evenings. Whether you use it for breakfast in the morning or an after-dinner drink, you’ll cherish a peaceful seating area that lets you enjoy nature and the beauty that lies outside your family’s home.

2. Update Your Garage

New garage doors are a popular home improvement for many families today, as they add value to a home and freshen the look of the property. While you’re replacing the garage door, also consider updating the siding of your garage or converting the space to add room for an additional vehicle. You can also think about adding cabinets and storage space to make the garage more organized and to remove clutter from your home.

3. Install New Siding

While it’s easy to remember to replace paint and flooring inside your home, many people don’t consider the quality of the siding on the home’s exterior. Replacing your home’s siding is one of the best ways to improve its look while also raising the property’s value. Many families choose new siding with additional insulation to lower electricity bills and to make the home more energy-efficient. New siding is an easy update that hits all of your main home improvement goals—making your home look better and improving its value—while also saving you money.

4. Replace Your Doors

Sometimes, the smallest details are the ones that matter most. After you’ve added a deck on to the house and updated the siding, consider replacing your doors. A new front door will improve the look of your home the most, but many families are also surprised to see the difference made by new side doors and kitchen doors. Choose from new styles like trendy designs in bold, painted colors, or opt for a classic, elegant wooden door.

5. Add New Windows

Some families working on home improvement and remodeling projects in Saint Cloud, MN choose to add new windows. Additional windows bring extra light into the home and create a feeling of openness from the inside. Of course, extra windows can affect your heating and cooling costs, so it’s important to choose windows that are well-insulated. For many families, however, the price difference is worth the additional lighting and view of the outside world.

As you remodel your home, take care of details both inside and outside to create a space that your family can enjoy for years to come.

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