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Remodeling a Kitchen in Saint Cloud, MN

Remodeling a Kitchen in Saint Cloud, MN

A Small Kitchen Remodel: One Couple’s Story—

When Brian and Megan began remodeling their kitchen in Saint Cloud, MN, they quickly realized they would need to come up with some creative ideas to achieve the look they wanted in the small space.

The small kitchen wasn’t a problem when they bought their house in 2004, but eight years and three kids later, they were ready for a new look. To gain more functional space and to achieve an open feeling in the kitchen, the couple used these five tips.


Remodeling a Kitchen in Saint Cloud, MN:
Expanding the Possibilities of a Small Kitchen

1. Create Built-In Storage and Shelving

Though they didn’t need much storage in the early days of their marriage, Brian and Megan desperately needed more space for dishes, silverware, kitchen gadgets, and cookware. As they began remodeling the kitchen, they took advantage of their space with built-in storage and shelving. Old messy cabinets became additional drawers and smaller cabinets with designated functions. Shelving on the previously-empty walls added plenty of room to house the essentials. There’s finally a place for everything, and everything is in its place—until the kids start making their own meals, that is.

2. Use Light Colors and Neutral Palettes

Megan loved the vintage wallpaper in their old kitchen, but the busy pattern made the room look cluttered and small. In the new kitchen, Brian and Megan decided to go with a neutral palette of light colors. Basic white walls accented with light-colored cabinets and stainless steel appliances give the room an open, airy aesthetic. The remodeled kitchen is modern and well-designed to create the illusion of more space.

3. Develop a Focal Point with Bright Accents and Decor

Though the couple was initially skeptical of their kitchen’s plain backdrop, they quickly fell in love with the neutral palette when they realized that they could decorate with bright, bold accent pieces. Instead of noticing the small space, visitors are now immediately drawn to the room’s focal point—a beautiful, floor-length kitchen window highlighted with fresh blue curtains. Brian and Megan also chose beautiful barstools with upholstered graphic seats and some interesting abstract vases that sit on the kitchen counters. Megan says she loves using the accent pieces to create the kitchen’s aesthetic because she can now change the room’s look whenever the mood strikes.

4. Build Upward for Maximum Space

To accent the room’s height, Brian decided the kitchen needed tall cabinets that drew eyes upward. The couple’s new kitchen includes stacking cupboards that end a couple feet below the ceiling. The additional room above the cabinets creates the illusion of more space while still giving the kitchen some much-needed height. Brian and Megan also minimized their appliances where possible. The microwave was added in above the stove to free up counter space, and they got rid of several coffee appliances in favor of a single Keurig machine.

5. Optimize Space with Creative Details

While the customized storage options already give them more space than they had, Megan and Brian also like to use containers and trays to keep their cabinets organized and efficient. They purchased several sets of food storage containers that house dry goods like sugar, flour, cereal, and snacks, as well as containers to store items like napkins, toothpicks, and straws. With creative details and a commitment to keeping everything organized, Brian and Megan are enjoying the benefits of remodeling a kitchen in Saint Cloud, MN.


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