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Home Improvement Remodeling Saint Cloud MN

Home Improvement Remodeling Saint Cloud MN

Home Improvement Remodeling Creates Saint Cloud MN Family’s Dream—

Saint Cloud residents Steve and Shannon moved into their house in 1994 right after getting married. Nearly 20 years later, the couple was in need of some major home improvements.

While they’d dreamed of renovating their home for years, financial constraints kept them from starting any major projects. But when Steve received a promotion, they knew it was finally time to create the dream home they’d always wanted.

With two teenage daughters and a 10-year old son, Steve and Shannon wanted extra space for the kids and more room to themselves. Home improvements to their Saint Cloud, MN home included the following four major areas.

1. A Finished Basement and Family Room

While the kids used to have friends over frequently, Steve and Shannon recognized that teenagers weren’t as keen to spend time in the open family living room any longer. Wanting a safe space for their kids to hang out that would still offer them and their friends privacy, Steve and Shannon decided to finish their basement and create a family room. The extensive project included new flooring, paint, the addition of a guest bathroom, and lots of new furniture to create an entertainment center that is perfect for teenagers and friends of the family.

2. Two Extra Bathrooms

As the kids grew older, they began competing more for time in the bathroom. The couple’s daughters shared a bathroom and used to fight regularly in the mornings while getting ready for school. To cut down on family stress, Shannon and Steve added an extra bathroom upstairs. The second new bathroom was added to the finished basement so that guests wouldn’t have to make a long trek upstairs. These additions added significant value to the home and made life more convenient for everyone.

3. An Attic Guest Bedroom

When Shannon and Steve had guests in from out of town in the past, one of the kids would usually have to give up a bedroom for the evening. While their guests were thankful to have somewhere to stay, Shannon and Steve always wished they could offer friends and relatives a more private area with nicer accommodations. With this in mind, they chose to convert the upstairs attic into an additional guest bedroom. Their son loved the area so much that they might move his bedroom later and convert his old space into a new guest bedroom. Either way, all of their guests—and the kids—have their own spaces.

4. Expanded, Updated Kitchen

The couple’s old kitchen was still in good shape, but Shannon, an avid chef and baker, really wanted more room and a fresh look for her favorite room. The couple added new functionality to the kitchen with an island and a host of modern appliances. They also tore out the old cabinets and added a new set of customized shelves and cabinets that better suits their lifestyle. With new lighting fixtures, hardwood floors, and a modern design, the remodeled kitchen is everything Shannon had imagined over the past 20 years when she thought about making home improvements to her Saint Cloud, MN house.

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