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Split Decision: Is it for Your St. Cloud Home?

A split-level floor plan is an interesting approach to new home construction in St. Cloud.

There are usually three tiers in a split level home, but instead of stacking them on top of each other like pancakes, the sections are staggered next to each other. In many homes of this type, there is a raised porch that leads up to the main entrance, often opening into a large family room and sharing the level with the kitchen. From here, there are two short stair cases-one leading up and one leading down. Below, many split-level homes descend into a formal living room, while above leads to the hallway where all of the bedrooms and the bathroom are.

Split Level Homes: Are They for You?

“Why,” you may ask yourself, “would I want such a zig-zag blue print?”

Versatile Efficiency

The casual eye may find a split-level floor plan confused or divided, but there can actually be a good reason for the design. If the plot of land that the new home construction is built on isn’t very big, split-level home can help save you some yard. Split-level homes are also ideal for severely sloped or un-graded land.

The use of space is very economical with several smaller stories instead of full-sized floors. Building a ranch home is usually the choice of people wanting to build small, but a split-level home gives you the efficiency of a ranch with the elegance of a two story. The construction cost is also usually slightly cheaper when compared to a full two-story home.

Potential Options

Up to this point, we have discussed the typical three way split level home, but other layouts and additional space that fall into the split-level category:

Bi-level: This layout has only two levels. The front door usually opens into a foyer between the two stories, with two staircases leading to the different levels.

The Four-Way: Similar in basic design as the 3-way split, with the addition of a partially excavated basement. This feature can be ideal in some of the high water table areas in Minnesota.

Raised Ranch: Imagine a regular ranch home where half of the house is lifted above the other side. This layout is most frequently used on severely graded land.

The “Ups and Downs”

The unique look of a split-level home gives the homeowner several distinct advantages, but there are also some cons to be aware. In one sense, the split-level gives you the best of both worlds in terms of openness. When standing in the kitchen, you can see practically the whole house. Yet, once in a family room, you can easily establish a cozy focus. Instead of one large staircase leading to the upper floor, there are several smaller ones. This can be good news for elderly people who may have an easier time taking only three or four steps up or down.

A split-level home can be a wonderful solution to your new home construction project. A homeowner that can appreciate the versatility of the space can create a wonderful new home, with the help of a qualified St. Cloud general contractor.


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