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Remodeling Ideas That Make a Big Difference

When it’s time to begin locking down the specifics of your remodeling project and choosing construction materials, every homeowner has to make some tough choices.  Though you may not be able to have every single aspect you dreamed about in your final project, our job here at Schoenberg Construction is to help you create a balanced project plan that takes your wants and needs into account.  Once you’ve figured out all the essential elements of your remodel, consider these five small updates that can make a huge difference in the way your room looks and functions.

Simple Remodeling Ideas That Make a Big DifferenceFive Simple Remodeling Ideas That Make a Big Difference

1. New Paint

You’d be amazed at how much a fresh coat of paint can revitalize a room!  Changing the color of your walls or adding an accent wall can give the room a completely different look.  Painting doesn’t take much time and is extremely affordable in comparison to many other remodeling and interior design solutions.  If you choose a fairly neutral color that pairs with many other shades, you can also easily update the look of the room every few months by swapping out your accessories.

2. Nice Countertops

High-quality countertops are one of the most popular updates for kitchen and bathroom remodels in St. Cloud, MN.  If you’re not able to remodel your entire kitchen or bathroom right now, simply replacing your old countertops with a lovely granite or imitation stone material can entirely transform your room.  New countertops are a simple way to make your home look more modern while also upgrading to a more durable material that will last for years to come.

3. Additional Cabinets and Storage Space

Adding cabinets, drawers, shelves and other storage space is one of our favorite ways to update a room.  Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, additional storage improves the functionality of the area and also gives the space a brand new look and feel.  Cabinets and shelving don’t have to be too costly, and you can also choose from different finishes or colors to coordinate with your existing or updated décor.

4. Fresh Furnishings

Sometimes giving your room a whole new look is as simple as replacing a few pieces of furniture or adding some new mirrors and wall art.  If you’re tired of the look and feel of one of the rooms in your home but you’re not ready to invest in a full remodel, think about spending a few weekends shopping and redecorating the area.  Mixing new patterns, colors, and pieces is a creative and very affordable way to bring new energy to your home.

5. Updated Lighting

Finally, don’t forget to consider the impact of lighting in your home!  Think about adding some soft overhead track lights in your kitchen or a few spotlight bulbs around your bathroom mirror.  Working with the angles and positions of your lights allows you to highlight your favorite parts of each room and draw attention to key areas where your family works and plays.


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